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My Self Quarantine Bucket List

Happy Friday Everyone!
So the last two weeks have been a combination of scrambling to adjust to quarantine life and sitting around living on Youtube.  The fact that I couldn't go anywhere really hit me last night and it was incredibly frustrating!  If this quarantined life has taught me anything it's that I've taken so much for granted: browsing around TJ Maxx, visiting loved ones, or going out to eat.  While I miss these things, I decided a better use of my time (and emotional energy for that matter) would be to create a fun "to-do" list of things I'd like to accomplish while at home.  A bucket list if you will.  This should not only help peel my butt off the couch but also make the next few weeks go by a little faster!  Here's what I plan to work on for the next few weeks:

I hope to make these weeks productive and fun so that I come out of this quarantine feeling refreshed and accomplished.
What's on your agenda for the weeks to come?  Have you cre…

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